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EEEEEK you want me to do what!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, oh my…my heart starts to beat faster, my upper lip is showing beads of sweat, I start to shake as the adrenelin starts coursing through my body. My hand is trembling with the knowledge that I will have to pick up that darned needle and thread and do something with it and that soon I will be shouting words so crude they would make a sailor blush!! Trust me, I have tried to overcome this fear of sewing, weaving, and working with long lengths of cord in every method known to mankind, the last being Kumihimo., but to no avail. Yes, I know I am masochistic.
However, I just came across this wonderful etsy shop called Totus Mel and my jaw droped to my chest and I fell in total awe and I realize that with talent such as this, I don’t have to risk my health or vocabulary again.
Thanks etsy, life is good,

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थैंक्स एवेर्योने!

इ जुस्त वांटेड तो से अ बिग थैंक्स तो अल फॉर मकिंग माय बर्थडे सेल वैरी सुसस्स्फुल! इ होप ठाट एवेर्योने व्हो पुर्चासेद बेअड्स इस मकिंग सम बेऔतिफुल जेवेलरी एंड व्हेन फिनिशेद विल सेंड इन फोटोस तो शेयर विथ एवेर्योने हियर।
पास एंड हैप्पी बेअदिंग अल्वाय्स

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Today was so wonderful, Christina, a customer of mine, sent me a photograph of a necklace and earrings that she made with a set of beads she bought from me called “Oil Slick”.    She utilized faceted citrine irregular chunks, Greek silver beads that are also irregular in shape and put it together with sterling wire. Fantastic job Christina!


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The summer has been a rather wet one, actually I can’t remember the last time we had so much rain.  Everything is growing like crazy, my roses are loving it.   The dragonflies have been out enmasse this season, hubby and I always enjoy seeing them.  We have also had some awesome butterflies too. 

I so love it when I can make something to wear that is inspired by my surroundings.  I have been working my tush off torching and creating joolz.  I am such a tortured soul, lol, …I just can’t find enough time to do enough of both to satisfy me.  Anyway, here are some pics of just some of the new pieces

aloftearrings earthboundnecklace1 


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I was dreaming about fall that I totally forgot to tell everyone about the storewide sale where everything is 20% off  until August 25.  There are some awesome beads listed, so just go to Glassic Gems and see if there aren’t some that you just can’t live without!  Have fun shopping, Ellen

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OH I just can’t help myself but I look forward to fall every year, lately the longing is getting deeper.  I wonder if it is because I am remembering the seasonal happiness that I enjoyed so much when I was younger….the color that was always so awe inspiring to me.  I always loved the school projects that we did each year with all of the varieties of fallen leaves.  The hunt for those beauties, the ones with the best colors, and shapes.  The brisk air filling my lungs my brothers and I playing in freshly raked piles of leaves…

Well, I couldn’t help myself so somewhere between daydreaming and rounding up every fall color my studio contained, I started to lampwork beads as well as make some pretty awesome jewelry to kick start the current season.  Here is a peek, hope you like… they will get listed soon on etsy.  Thanks for joining me, Ellen



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I just came from a very uber hip shop at etsy called “Bailey Doesnt Bark” and was just so impressed with RJ (the artist) whose line drawings, are so simply and elegantly put out there.

Anyway I digress, it actually was the name of the shop that got my attention when I was surfing another blog. I know Bailey barks….because you see Bailey is our hairy pup!

Bailey (397 x 584)

Yes, here is the one and only Bailey, self-petting pup (all you need to do is hold you hand palm down at his height and he just runs back and forth under it for pets), who always has a smile on his furry face. He is posing with his most precious possession in the entire world..his little beetle car that squeaks!

So whether or not Bailey is barking both of them are GOOD THINGS! Later, Ellen

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Today I decided to close my website and use latest form of being heard or recognized and that is the blog. I have had a web presence since ’03 and this will be a new experience for me….writing about my inspiration for my glasswork and finished pieces of jewelry.

Off the cuff I can say that initially inspiration is not often preceeded by Zen moments rather Zen moments appear very far and few between. They are as fleeting as my muse “Lola” who on a good day sits around taunting me until one of two things happen, I work on something half-hartedly and usually end up with a piece that is mediocre at best, or I actually start to rummage through my stuff and find something that catches my eye and whammy I get into that space – the one where time doesn’t exist.

So let me just show you the product of almost two non-stop work days when “Lola” was just aligning the moon and the stars and all was right with my world.
I will keep you posted when “Lola” and I have another great day in the studio!
See y’all soon,

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