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Today I decided to close my website and use latest form of being heard or recognized and that is the blog. I have had a web presence since ’03 and this will be a new experience for me….writing about my inspiration for my glasswork and finished pieces of jewelry.

Off the cuff I can say that initially inspiration is not often preceeded by Zen moments rather Zen moments appear very far and few between. They are as fleeting as my muse “Lola” who on a good day sits around taunting me until one of two things happen, I work on something half-hartedly and usually end up with a piece that is mediocre at best, or I actually start to rummage through my stuff and find something that catches my eye and whammy I get into that space – the one where time doesn’t exist.

So let me just show you the product of almost two non-stop work days when “Lola” was just aligning the moon and the stars and all was right with my world.
I will keep you posted when “Lola” and I have another great day in the studio!
See y’all soon,

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