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Hi, my name is Ellen Gilbert and I reside on a farm in a small town located mid-way between Ocala and Gainesville, Florida, with my husband our cat, dog and  hens where we  live a quiet and content life “down on the farm.”

I knew from the first time I held my very first box of crayons in my hands that I was a person who loved color, and art was going to play a big role in my life; a really big decision for a 4 year old!

The exploration of all forms of artistic media took place over the years that I still attribute to that box of crayons. Sculpting, oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, pencil and glass.

Like many other jewelry artists, finding a unique bead or component for our own work is what propels us forward.  For me it was glass beads, and necessity being the Mother of Invention, I taught myself to lampwork and I have been creating beads non-stop ever since. To me each bead is a unique work of art, and my favorite aspect still remains true and that is color!  

I have been making sets and focals but have just expanded my technique and work base to include sculptured beads as well.  So stay tuned to see my progress into part two…dimensional beadwork!


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