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OH I just can’t help myself but I look forward to fall every year, lately the longing is getting deeper.  I wonder if it is because I am remembering the seasonal happiness that I enjoyed so much when I was younger….the color that was always so awe inspiring to me.  I always loved the school projects that we did each year with all of the varieties of fallen leaves.  The hunt for those beauties, the ones with the best colors, and shapes.  The brisk air filling my lungs my brothers and I playing in freshly raked piles of leaves…

Well, I couldn’t help myself so somewhere between daydreaming and rounding up every fall color my studio contained, I started to lampwork beads as well as make some pretty awesome jewelry to kick start the current season.  Here is a peek, hope you like… they will get listed soon on etsy.  Thanks for joining me, Ellen




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